Sherco Motorcycles announce new plan for the UK market with upgraded direct dealer sales strategy, improved after-sales service, plus an all-new specialist teams for Trial and Enduro including World Trials Champion Emma Bristow.

Sherco has been a bit quiet in the UK lately with many rumours flying about and a bit of uncertainty about bikes and parts supply. But after many months of planning, Sherco have revealed a 100% dedicated new UK team will be headed by Mark Jackson, former Eurotek boss, with support from Sherco’s nine-times TrialGP World Championship winning duo Emma Bristow and James Fry.

This trio combines experience, energy, knowledge in both enduro and trial, mixed with 18 years’ experience of direct supply from Sherco factory HQ, will ensure a solid basis to develop the brand in UK.

Commencing on December 1, 2023, Sherco will offer support with this new UK team, moving away from the traditional business model of working with an importer to a modern sales strategy direct to UK dealers.

It’s a plan which has already proven successful in France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, and means approved dealers will take advantage of better conditions and gain access to new benefits with supply directly from Sherco Factory HQ in Nimes, France.


Speaking about this latest advancement, Sherco CEO, Marc Teissier said: “Firstly, I would like to thank Malcolm Rathmell Sport for all their work with Sherco in the UK over the last 24 years. We have shared good memories and many successful years of partnership. However, the world is becoming more globalised and in order to stay competitive and responsive against other manufacturers that supply directly from factories, Sherco needs to adapt to protect and support its dealer network.

“Moving to a direct sales strategy in the UK is a method we already enjoy much success with in six other countries across Europe.

“This strategy, combined with the support of a local new Sherco UK team, makes this a very exciting project for us which we know will improve sales performance and importantly rider experience for the future after a short period of transition.”

Mark Jackson, famous for his support at international Hard Enduro events as well as over 20 years of UK dealership insight, understands first-hand the challenges of a modern UK dealership which has helped develop Sherco’s superior new UK trade offerings.

“We have a fantastic team for this new chapter with Sherco UK.” Says Jacko. “James’ skills complement mine well, his passion for trials, business and competition will be very valuable. Emma’s experience is well known, she’s a born winner and will enhance our rider development plans and promotional activity.

We know we have a lot of hard work to do but we know these bikes, we’ve ridden them, serviced them and in Emma’s case won plenty onboard them. Personally, I’ve bought and sold Sherco for years so I know the potential and look forward to rebuilding the sales network and running the Sherco UK Enduro Academy across all championships where I am sure we will be successful.”


This is a natural progression for Emma’s career: “It’s been a lot of fun planning our strategy together.” Says Bristow. “I will still compete but having a long-term plan to continue my relationship with Sherco beyond just competition excites me. I look forward to getting my boots dirty with test days, rider development and supporting all authorised dealers.”

James, a top trials rider himself, adds: “I’ve ridden with Sherco for 17-years and getting the opportunity to join the commercial team is incredible. I’m enjoying working with and learning from Mark, his experience in the motorcycle industry is mind-blowing. I look forward to working with dealers on new sales initiatives, giving more people the chance to try a Sherco and developing our new Sherco UK Trials Academy Team with a high level of support at many UK events next year.”

To speak to the new Sherco UK team about accounts, bikes, spares, our UK academy teams, or general enquiries see contact details below:

All things Enduro: Mark Jackson

•          Tel: 07786267330

•          Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All things Trial: James Fry

•          Tel: 07469929685

•          Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.