Polisport joins the fight against Coronavirus helping produce visors for healthcare workers.

Portuguese motorcycle plastics specialists, Polisport, is working in collaboration with several partners, Miguel Fernandez Gomes and the company Clenporte, to manufacture face protecting visors for healthcare workers.  

Various social network groups in Portugal, “Coisas que Imprimem” and “Outros que Entopem”, have called for the help and Polisport and partners have responded switching production to the face visors.

Polisport’s Innovation Department quickly developed a prototype with plates used to produce their cycling helmets to help create the visors. The visors are in the final stages of development to ensure greater safety for healthcare professionals.

Polisport explain: “The protective visors will have the sole and exclusive objective of providing health professionals with the appropriate means to work safely and properly protected. The products are expected to reach as many health facilities as possible.”

The Polisport Group associates itself with the fight against the Coronavirus, in order to help healthcare professionals to have the necessary material to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.