Behind the scenes Vlog with Manuel Lettenbichler and Paul Bolton at the 2021 FIM Hard Enduro World Championship – episode one heads to Portugal and the nightmare scenario at Extreme XL Lagares.

Remember the WESS Diaries and Vlogs we used to get way back in the old days? The new normal is FIM Hard Enduro World Championship but the Vlog from the events remains the same with Manuel Lettenbichler co-hosting with on the ground reporter Paul Bolton.

The opening round of the HEWC series at Extreme XL Lagares was dealt a bombshell the day before the race when the Portuguese government slapped a restriction on the area where the race was due to run near Porto. 

The eleventh-hour decision – which bafflingly did not affect other major sporting events before and after in Portugal (for example the World Rally Championship which attracted huge crowds) – affected the Lagares race format and ultimately nulled the event as a HEWC points scoring round. 

This behind the scenes Vlog gives insight into how the weekend unfolded…


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