Video highlights and POV onboard footage from the Shikokuberg Japanese Hard Enduro – Japan’s very own answer to the Erzbergrodeo – which saw just one official finisher in this second edition.

Held on Shikoku Island in the west of Japan, Shikokuberg Hard Enduro follows a format pretty similar to the Erzbergrodeo and, like it’s Austrian counterpart, aims to be the biggest extreme enduro event in Japan.

The course is set in a huge quarry with checkpoints from the start and rock gardens and tough climbs much like the Iron Giant.

Of the 300 riders who started, only one person reached the finish line, Kousuke Mori who has also completed the Gold Class in the Roof of Africa. Yamaha mounted Mori says it was a tough course at this second edition, “The course was more difficult than last year and suffered from the heat, but thanks to a lot of cheers I was able to finish.”

Mori’s GoPro POV footage from Shikokuberg 2021:


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Words Credit: BIG TANK | Hisashi Haruki

Video Credit: Pococii FILM