With dirt bikes like the SUR-RON Storm Bee blurring the boundaries between pedals and footpegs off-road it is easy to see why many enduro riders are currently jumping onto e-bikes as a way of getting their dirt fix without the fuss and the noise – even David Knight has been testing the new off-road model...

How does a claimed 520Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 68mph sound from a dirt bike? Bonkers and a big part of the attraction along with virtually silent riding, no fuel and, while tracks and races remain heavily restricted in many countries, it is the only way to ride for some right now. (By the way, 520Nm of torque sounds unbelievable but we double-checked and it is the true figure.)

In fact, Storm Bee isn’t officially released yet and is still in the testing phase. Production looks likely for Summer 2021 while testing from the likes of Knighter continues to feed back to the factory in China.

“In the future, Storm Bee will be mass-produced in three versions,” says Bo Liu from SUR-RON Europe. The three models are: Road (EEC), Enduro (EEC), Off-Road (CE). “The frame is our new design and in development to optimize the suitability for electric.” Adds Bo. “Currently our suspension uses two brands, KKE and FAST ACE. It is not ruled out that there will be a higher level of suspension in the future as an option. The brake system is an OEM product from a professional motorcycle brake system supplier in China.”

SUR-RON say they already have customers from all off-road disciplines tuned in to their established X-Series which boasts 7000 Watts of power in a 45kg chassis. The Storm shown in this video is aimed more squarely at the existing dirt bike market with dimensions and “feel” closer to the bikes we know.

SUR-RON Storm MX technical specification:

Motor Type: High Speed Brushless DC Air-Cooled Mid-Drive Motor Controller Type 150V Sine Wave Controller

Max RPM: 8000rpm

Peak Motor Output: 22.5KW

Max. Torque: 520Nm

Top Speed: 68mph

Range: 62 miles (@30mph)

Battery Type: 96V/48Ah High-Rate Ternary Lithium Battery (with SONY VTC6 Cells)

Frame: Forged Aluminum Alloy Frame

Wheel Size: 21×1.60 (F), 18×2.15 (R)

Tyres: 80/100-21 (F), 100/90-18 (R)

Suspension: fully adjustable, 47mm USD forks, 290mm travel, fully adjustable air shock absorber, 290mm travel (max, adjustable)

Charging Time: 3 hours

User interaction/function: USB Interface USB-2.1A Single Socket, LCD Dashboard, Re-Gen function under Sport Mode with Re-Gen CAN Communication function, fault diagnosis function

Vehicle Dimension: 2120mm×810mm×1430mm

Ground Clearance: 320mm

Wheelbase: 1435mm

Seat Height: 920mm

Net Weight: 118kg (with battery)


More information: www.sur-ron.com