Was this the hardest and most heart-breaking hill at the 2022 Red Bull Erzbergrodeo? The struggles are serious at this new soft and slippery section in the trees named Motorex Highway, check point 22 of 27 of the Hare Scramble track.

As is so often the case at Erzberg, the actual checkpoint is at the top of the hill and this is the last point a list of elite riders reached before they timed out.

This is the hill of which eventual winner Mani Lettenbichler said, “almost killed me. I was the first guy in there and there were literally no lines, I had to pull some trees up…I made it a little bit easier for the rest…”

We know only too well how many hills there are on the Iron Giant which cause all kinds of pain (not just in the heart) to so many riders. To all who tackled it, we salute you.

You be the judge as these riders tackle the hill (in order):

Manuel Lettenbichler

Mario Roman

Trystan Hart

Alfredo Gomez

Teo Kabakchiev

Will Hoare (biggest crash award @ 20mins)

And the last one to get up, Graham Jarvis.

Is Will still up there trying? Anyone?