Beta Motorcycles have revealed the 2025 Xtrainer, the popular, easy-to-ride and well-priced two-stroke model gets a fresh colours to stand apart from RR X-Pro and Racing models.

Enduro21 has to admit, we’re a little surprised to learn the Beta Xtrainer is in its 11th year of production already. We took a ride on one at a Beta press launch, probably 10 years ago by that reckoning, and came away with a very positive impression of it: a bike which could do all the things a huge amount of people need from an enduro bike but for much less cost.

And so it proved with basically Beta not being able to make enough to feed demand for a few years and has been the number one selling entry-level enduro bike, and Beta’s best-selling model in many countries. 

That’s down to the ease of riding compared to other enduro models due to a very tractable and usable two-stroke engine (available in 250 and 300cc versions), lower seat height, “easy pull” diaphragm clutch, and under 100 kilo claimed weight making the bike perfect for not only entry-level riders but also a machine you can play with trail ride (separate oil injection system for example) or indeed makes a cracking extreme or hard enduro tool.

Classy new looks

Updates were bigger in previous years for the Xtrainer and so the MY25 model simply gets new grey bodywork and a red frame tp make it one of the nicest-looking bikes to our eyes. The new look separates the Xtrainer from its siblings, the RR X-Pro and RR Race Edition models – the X-Pro being the new standard model line which we previewed here: First Look: Beta 2025 RR X-Pro aimed at trail and hard enduro with 125 and 300 two-stroke engine updates

Apart from that one other update is a new anti-theft system. A keycoded toggle you wear around your wrist, much like on many trials bikes, and acting as a cut-off if you fall but also cutting the ignition when not connected.


2025 Beta Xtrainer technical highlights:

» Chassis: Lighter and more compact package compared to a full-size Enduro bike, the Xtrainer is designed for riders of all skill levels.

» Seat height: Lower seat height ensures confidence.

» Brakes: Same brake package as RR models, Nissin, with discs measuring 260 mm at the front and 240 mm at the rear.

» 300cc and 250cc models

» Battery: lightweight high-performance lithium

» Fork and Shock: single-track inspired R16V suspension with 43mm tubes up front and a shock with linkage at the rear. The front fork offers adjustable spring preload and overall rebound dampening. The rear shock has adjustments for spring preload, compression, and rebound dampening.

» Electric Start: Precise and reliable, essential when restarting the bike in tricky situations. An optional back-up kick starter is available.

» Beta Progressive Valve: the Beta progressive exhaust valve can be adjusted externally by the rider allowing the engine's performance to be altered depending on riding conditions.

» Ignition Map switch with handlebar button: Two positions, (Sun or Rain) which adjusts the engine power as needed. Sun mode is the quicker engine map. The rain mode slows down the engine by roughly 20% for improved traction and control in wet conditions.

» Fuel Tank: transparent tank with a 8.8 litres/2.3 gallon capacity.

» Oil Injection: With an oil tank below the seat, allowing riders to do away with premix as the system provides automation oiling for the engine. To further simplify things, the seat can be removed with the push of a button.

» Cooling Fan as standard: A cooling fan is mounted as standard equipment on all Xtrainer models to ensure the engine always maintains the ideal running temperature, even on slower trails.

» Engine and Clutch: “Easy-Pull” diaphragm clutch with three different settings that allow the rider to adjust the lever feel and progression to his or her liking.

» Electronic Key/Safety System: Provides a safety system that prevents theft with a coded key, tethered to the left wrist and acting as a safety shut-off if you fall.

Available: June in Europe, August for North America/ROW

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