Leatt has launched their new 2022 Hydration Moto collection with two new products specifically for enduro and off-road riding, the Tool Belt 2.0 and the Lite 1.5 backpack bringing more carrying options when you’re out riding.

Leatt’s off-road product range continues to grow beyond the protective and clothing ranges they are perhaps better known for. Their Hydration Moto collection has been updated for the 2022 season to include new backpacks and a light and waterproof “fanny packs”, just when you thought tool belts had gone out of fashion.

Leatt Tool Belt Core 2.0

The new Core 2.0 features a five litre storage capacity with a dedicated space for tools and an optional two litre bladder. The belt is equipped with pockets and tool compartments on the waist and also includes Leatt’s ‘Airline’ ventilation in the back to improve riding comfort when you’re working harder.

Leatt Tool Belt Core 2.0 highlights:

  • 5L Cargo and tool storage
  • Optional 2L Horizontal CleanTech bladder
  • Low gravity waist location
  • Heavy-duty, durable outer shell
  • Waist pockets and dedicated tool compartments
  • AirLine back ventilation
  • Reflective safety piping


Leatt Hydration Moto Lite 1.5

Moving up the range, for those who want to carry more ‘just in case’, Leatt has the Moto Lite 1.5 Hydration backpack with 10 litres of storage capacity. This backpack model includes the 1.5-litre hydration bladder, as well as a mouthpiece and a magnetic fastener to hold the tube in place.

The Lite 1.5 hydration pack is one size fits all and features a new chest harness system to ensure the pack stays put while riding. And like the Core 2.0 Tool Belt, it also features the AirLine ventilation system to reduce sweat in the contact area of the back, Leatt says.

Leatt Hydration Moto Lite 1.5 highlights:

  • 1.5L hydration and 10L cargo storage
  • Unique lightweight chest harness for a rock solid fit
  • Ready to fit optional CE tested and certified impact protection
  • Light, durable outer shell
  • Dual-hydration tube for two-way routing – over the shoulder or the under arm
  • Optimal AirLine back ventilation
  • Auto shut-off bladder bite valve
  • Magnetic tube catcher can be positioned on left or right harness
  • Reflective slotted patch allows optional safety light location
  • Optimized fit with or without a Leatt neck brace
  • Sizes: XS-XXL


More information: www.leatt.com