An enduro mousse with interchangeable inserts giving you multiple tyre pressure options? Could the RiseMousse Climber be the answer to all our off-road anti-puncture problems?

The idea behind the RiseMousse ‘Climber’ is simple: an enduro mousse with removable inserts which effectively gives you different tyre ‘pressure’ options. If you want to ride extreme, technical terrain one day then you take all the blue/green inserts out. If the next day is more traditional enduro or harder packed trail riding, then stick them back in to firm up that rear tyre. You can even choose how many tiles you want to insert to fine-tune the rear grip for wherever you’re riding.

RiseMousse Climber technical highlights:

  • 0.9/1.0 bar pressure with insert
  • 0.4/0.5 bar pressure without insert
  • No expiration date means no time limit on storage
  • Optimum softness it is reached after a few minutes of use (harder when ‘cold’)
  • Rim lock is recommended
  • Not approved for highway use
  • Weight with the insert is 1730gr (120/90-18) + 1950gr (140/80-18) – just under 500gr lighter with inserts removed

How does it work in practice? We did a little video with one fresh out the box:


How does it work?

Hands up, RiseMousse is not super-new, just new this year but we hadn’t spotted them. This is literally our first look taking them out the box. First impressions are a ‘regular’ feel with the mousse itself, although it is obviously boxfresh so we’d expect it to soften up with use and as normal, it'll get softer when warm.

You have to lightly prise the blue/green inserts out with a thumb leaving a honeycomb-like set of holes in the mousse which can open and close with tyre compression. The green inserts have a rubbery texture by the way and are flexible, so they are not stiff inside the mousse when inserted more like they just close the holes up.


At present the Climber from RiseMousse is only available as a rear option but a matching front is coming they tell us. The Italian manufacturer has three other mousse options suitable for off-road which do have front options: the X-Edition Soft for extreme riding (0.4/0.5 bar rear pressure), Enduro (0.6/0.7 bar pressure) and Cross for hard-pack and MX tracks (1.2/1.3 in the rear). There are also kids Minicross and an Arizona (rally) options.


We’ll give this rear 'Climber' a thorough Enduro21 test when we've put some hours on it and report back how we got on. In the meantime, have you tried them? Got something to say about mousses? Why not get on the Enduro21 forum and voice your opinion? 


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Photo Credit: Enduro21