Enduro21 takes a look at Polisport’s new APT Unbreakable levers for enduro, off-road and motocross motorcycles, a new product range promising to be the answer to all our broken lever problems.

If you haven’t bust a front brake or clutch lever when you’ve fallen off or dropped your dirt bike then you must be floating around on a magic cloud.

When you don’t make it up a steep climb, or fall over rapidly in a rock garden, it can be all too easy a recipe for a snapped lever. You know the scenario: when you haul yourself and your bike off the ground, get back on and put your hands back on the bars…there it is, broken off and too stumpy to use.

Developed as a like-for-like replacement for original front brake and clutch levers on a wide range of European and Japanese off-road models, Polisport’s APT Unbreakable Levers “guarantee a high level of resistance in the event of a fall, causing the lever to bend, rather than breaking or cracking.” Hallelujah.

APT Technology

APT is an exclusive technology to Polisport which basically integrates an alloy stainless-steel strip on the inside of the plastic composite lever outer. Polisport say the stainless-steel component makes sure the lever doesn’t deform during normal use, while the plastic composite outer provides high resistance to compression in the event of a fall, allowing it to bend instead of breaking or snapping.


Polisport APT Unbreakable Levers technical highlights:

  • Exact replica of original lever shape
  • APT technology, exclusive to Polisport, uses specially developed alloy for durability and resistance
  • No flexibility or deformation during use
  • Unbreakable: can be restored to original shape after a crash
  • Mounts directly into stock perch and master cylinder
  • Fitted with adjuster screws and parts where OEM lever has it as standard
  • Minimised temperature transfer makes them effective in cold conditions
  • Sold as a kit (one brake, one clutch lever) or separately

Fitment: available in black only for a wide range of enduro, motocross and enduro models (see full list below)

Cost: MSRP €19.90 individual and €34.90 as a pair/kit

More information: www.polisport.com

Fitment range: