Enduro21 takes a quick look at six, sweet Sherco Factory Racing rider approved parts and accessories recommended for enduro – it’s a list of bolt-on upgrades which we reckon every enduro bike needs.

When motorcycle manufacturers send Enduro21 information about new products and parts, usually it’s because they have something fresh to promote or (cynics that we are) because they’re trying to boost sales on something which ain’t selling. 

But sometimes they can be genuinely useful, and ignoring whether they’re trying to give us the big sell or not, this list of parts Sherco sent us from their catalogue are worth a look – no matter which type of bike you ride.

The French manufacturer is pin-pointing some “factory rider approved” upgrades here which they say are among the most popular and purposeful of their accessories range: slip-on exhausts, clutch, height adjustable suspension link (dog bones), taller or lower seats, upgrade brakes plus chain and sprocket protection.

STM diaphragm clutch for hard enduro

The Italian company STM manufacturer this diaphragm clutch to “improve the reactivity and durability” they say and which particularly helps in extreme conditions. Riders Mario Roman and Teodor Kabakchiev use this part on their bikes when competing in the Hard Enduro World Championship and normally parts fitted for events like, for example Romaniacs, ain’t fitted by a factory race team if they don’t work.


Manufactured from CNC steel, the diaphragm kit comes with smooth plates (not the friction clutch plates) but you can add to that and both increase the lifespan and lightness of the clutch lever pull with the clutch plate pack.

This clutch kit contains 2x different steel plates and 2x different fibre plates compared to the standard clutch. It also contains 2x softer springs to replace standard parts.

Both diaphragm adn clutch plate kit are suitable for 250/300 RACING and Factory SE models from 2021 onwards.

Adjustable STM Link (rear suspension dog bone)

These adjustable STM suspension link allows you to vary the ride height of your bike by plus or minus 3cm (+/-1.18 inches) by switching around the cams.

More than just looking good in anodised blue (how long they stay like that when you whack a rock step we can’t confirm…), the allow you to adjust rear ride height meaningfully without compromising the suspension settings. So, if you’re shorter that means you can drop it down but, depending on what type of riding you’re doing, it can also be a real benefit.


With that adjustment range you can ride technical extreme one day with it low and raise it back up again for better handling and steering in an enduro test the next.

Suitable for all Enduro models 2017 onwards.

AXP Racing chain guide and sprocket protector

AXP’s Racing chain guide range is another part we’re very familiar with at Enduro21 and currently have on our long term test EXC 250. Sherco say the new design chain guide, which doubles as a protector for your rear sprocket, is available for all their enduro models and in reality a similar or same design is out there for almost all previous generations back to 2017 (we think but please check your bike).


Made from UHMW plastic, the latest AXP chain guide design and additional metal bar across the top (pictured) also protects the bolts and lower, rear section of the swingarm. AXP’s design of the main block comes in two parts which split for easy fitment and removal.

As an extra bonus item, Sherco also have a blue anodised rear disc protector in their accesories catalogue which is well-worth adding to the list. 

Galfer Wave brake discs

With promises like minimised fading, improved pad wear track for better bite through pad life, plus improved service life, fitting the Galfer Wave discs front and rear is one of those upgrades which reaps rewards over time, rather than delivering instant gains like some of the other products in this list.


Constructed from high carbon stainless steel, Enduro21 has had a Wave front disc on test for a couple of years and recommend it.

Pads too?

Your dad will tell you that replacing a brake disc should also mean replacing the brake pads to match. The matching Galfer sintered pads for the Wave discs claim significantly improved service life, a ‘high friction coefficient for maximum and consistent braking force”, improved braking efficiency in all weather conditions and claim to almost completely eliminate brake fade.

Both discs and pads fit all Sherco enduro models from 2012 onwards.

Akrapovic titanium mufflers

Adding a titanium slip-on muffler is a simple “plug and play” upgrade for any bike. Often more meaningful on a four-stroke because it reduces weight and therefore improves handling (it’s the first thing you notice after the sound) but one which should deliver increases power and performance.


The Akrapovic muffler shown is for the 2019 onwards 250 SE/300 SE two-strokes but Sherco also have them available for 4T models. Upgrading your muffler makes the bike look and sound good but theses Akrapovic slip-ons also comply with FIM noise regulations.

Factory Blue Selle Dalla Valle seat – taller or lower

Last but not least in this list of Sherco parts we’re pointing at and saying is a good list for any enduro bike rider, is the Selle Dalla Valle blue factory seat range.

The +2cm (+0.787 inches) option can be more comfortable for taller riders compared to the standard seat. While the lower seat option (-2cm or 0.787 inches) can equally be a good or better option, particularly if you’re doing more hard enduro and sitting down using your legs a lot.

The Selle Dalla Valle low or high seat options are a direct replacement and suitable for all Sherco enduro models 2017+


Prices for all these parts does vary according to your country/location so we haven’t quoted them to avoid confusion. Please check with your local Sherco dealer on www.sherco.com or check with the specific parts manufacturer (i.e. www.axp-racing.com or www.galfer.eu/moto/ stockist).


Photo Credit: Sherco + Mastorgne Photography