An integral part of the Enduro21 riding kit, this Leatt 9.5 Carbon helmet has travelled the world and hit more trees than we can remember. Here’s how it stood up to our extended amount of dirt bike testing time…

We reckon this Leatt 9.5 Carbon helmet has taken just about as many hours as any helmet ever in our riding kit. Worn since 2021, it has clocked countless hours testing, racing and riding in all weathers, it genuinely has had everything thrown at it.

So much so it has become a go-to or default helmet thanks to being light, tough, functional and looking pretty good as well – good-looking despite the number of times it has been caked in mud, washed, bashed and crashed in.

How did it fare in all that time? Read on for our long term test verdict on Leatt’s top of the range off-road helmet…

They say:

  • Leatt’s 9.5 Carbon has a safety protection level which exceeds the new 22.06 ECE testing standard plus meets DOT approval.
  • Shell shape has improved airflow at any speed through the ventilation system in the chin bar and main carbon construction helmet.
  • It is secured using double d-ring strap and features high levels of impact protection using Leatt’s 360⁰ Turbine Technology which reduces forces associated with concussion and rotational acceleration to the brain.
  • Other safety features include four densities of impact foam cut into five sections inside, a visor with breakaway function (a clip system rather than the magnetic type), emergency cheek pad removal feature and compatibility with the Leatt neck brace.
  • The Pro-Fit elastic comfort liner is washable and has an anti-odour “X-Static” liner that wicks away moisture and increases breathability.
  • Integral hydration port entry point and route for drink pack tubing to mouth and comes with a free set of goggles.

We say:

Leatt helmets used to have a reputation for not fitting as well as some others on the market. The safety technology was there and functions like being early adopters of integrated drinks tube made them almost unique. But the old designs didn’t sit well on some people’s heads and if we look back they seemed almost too much like an MTB helmet – common complaints were them being too high at the back.

Talk to 10 people in a paddock and you might get 10 different answers abotu how good a helmet feels as it can be pereonsal to head shape. But when Leatt introduced the 9.5 and 8.5 models in 2021 they became genuine rivals for any serious off-road helmet out there we reckon.

FYI the two numbered model names basically denote the carbon construction 9.5, and composite construction 8.5.

This is the carbon 9.5 as you’ll have spotted and one of its big immediate positives you notice when you pick it up is being light thanks to the carbon fibre outer shell. At 1290gms it is around 30gms lighter than the composite shell, 8.5 model.


Like we said, it has become our default helmet largely through having no real bias for colours it can therefore be worn with different riding kit and testing different bikes for over three years now.

It’s showed itself to be a tough one in that time with no real deterioration in the strap, it’s riveting to the shell and despite all manner of weather, temperature and dirt conditions battering it.

Inside the liner has been washed many times but has kept its shape and cushion well with only very minimal signs of losing its plump and no deterioration in the padding fit, the stitching and construction or wear to the material surface.


The cheek pads are quick release, basically pulling straight downwards out if a paramedic needs to assist you in a crash, while the main foam insert sits on a handfull of poppers and clips holding it in place. All of these fit and work just as they did from new but have not been used (only to remove to wash).

The design allows for a water/drink tube to slot behind the right cheek pad from the rear. The truth is we have used it only a few times instead preferring a hanging tube from a hydropack most often. But it works well if your preference is to go hands-free for long, hot days riding.

Overall finish of the helmet has withstood the test of time well. The odd blow to the top of the head by a low-slung branch, something I (E21 editor, Jon) am prone to, has left hardly any marks, let alone any meaningful scratches.

The peak has gathered some scuffs along the journey despite a few crashes naturally and obviously taking dirty goggles on and off a million times.


We’ve run a GoPro sticker pad off the underside of the peak for much of its life with us and that may have contributed to peak itself sitting a little looser in the three mount clips than it was originally.

The clips are designed to release quickly in the event of a crash to prevent it from catching or digging in the dirt. It’s no biggy, just the peak can move slightly if you wobble it with your hand (it does nothing while riding).

The peak is replaceable and could well benefit by now with a new one which we’d hope make it clip in tightly again.

There’s also an extension for the peak, which you get in the helmet bag from new, to help on mudder days to help with roost and low sun pretty well too, although we haven’t used it hardly at all.

The peak is also not carbon like the rest of the helmet by the way, and in fact has suffered a little bit of peeling of the surface coating but they’re nothing given the hours it has ridden.



Overall this helmet is showing its age a little but through a massive amount of use is definitely recommended by us. This is the most basic design and there are many more in the 9.5 Carbon range now.

It remains our default lid, even now, because it is comfortable and we have no complaints, or at least haven’t yet found a better, “go-to” helmet. Lightweight and clearly robust over so many hours riding, it still looks more or less as good as it did three years ago.

The peak probably needs replacing (and is replaceable along with the lining) but really it doesn’t need it and we reckon it has many hours left in its life with us still.


Cost: £499.99/€705/$649 NB a scan around the stores as we found big savings on the recommended retail prices globally.

Sizes: XS to XXL (53-54cm or 20 ¾-21 ¼" to 63-64cm or 24 ¾-25")

More information: