YESS Goggles arrive fully formed and ready to go in the off-road market – Enduro21 takes a quick look at the new brand’s Apex-1 model set to launch August 2024.

YESS is quite likely a brand of goggles you’ve not heard or seen too much yet,. The new Apex-1 goggles are filtering out ther as YESS hand a few sets out to riders to create awareness and do some testing in the real world.

That has included Enduro21 who took a set out the post bag and have been putting them to good use riding our bikes.

YESS tick all the right boxes in terms of off-road goggle specification in the Apex-1 with triple foam comfort layer, wide and clear field of vision and a pretty unique lens release system.

APEX-1 Goggle technical highlights:

  • Wide peripherals to give amazing visuals
  • Super soft triple layer comfort foam
  • Tuff and hard wearing frame for all off-road extremes
  • Rubber grip strips inside elasticated, adjustable strap
  • Seamless switching of lenses in matter of seconds
  • Secure fit ‘Clip+Seal’ design ensures your lens remains locked and grounded
  • Crystal clear vision high-definition optics to give you the ultimate race vision.
  • Versatile Options: Choose from a variety of Prizmatix lens types, clear + tints.
  • 50MM Roll-System also available

Enduro21 first impressions are good. As YESS say about themselves, they are an alternative and definitely have the feel of well-designed goggles. Vision is as good as they say it is with a wide field and the fixed outrigger-style arms help the goggles sit nicely in the helmet aperture.

The triple layer foam is comfortable on the face and ventilation is ok, although we found them a little more inclined than our default SCOTT Prospect goggle set to create and hold sweat.

We particularly like the lens removal system too. A clip each side moves up and then out to allow the lens to fall away forwards. It makes lens cleaning easy and eliminates the fiddling of some other brands which causes fingerprints on lens you just cleaned. The lens sits on a rubber seal too which is a neat idea to keep water out.

YESS Apex-1 goggles aren’t out there yet, that’s coming in August they say and at present we do not know RRPs. In the meantime check their socials: @yessbrand @yessbrandspain