Taddy Blazusiak will make his outdoor, extreme enduro debut on the Stark Varg at this coming weekend’s Spanish Hard Enduro Championship round two in Cantoria.

Thanks to first the FIM and then a finger injury, the racing debut of Taddy Blazusiak on the Stark varg has been too long coming. But the enduro legend will finally take to the start line this weekend at the second round of the 2024 Spanish hard Enduro Championship in Cantoria.

The race has seen wins from Mario Roman and Teo Kabakchiev in recent years with the pair now teamamates in the Sherco Factory team. 

The picturesque town in the hills, an hour north of Almeria in southern Spain, is well-known for its street prologue course running through the old town. Check Marc Riba onboard at last year‘s race…


We’re looking forward to seeing how Taddy gets on streets of Cantoria but also the main race in the hills around the town where the Stark will face a very public debut in enduro competition.  


Photo Credit: Juan Trujillo + Future7Media | Nicki Martinez