2020 FIM International Six Days of Enduro & FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy in Italy postponed until 2021.

The 2020 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) set to be held in Italy has been postponed for one year. The FIM, FMI ( Italian Federation) and the local organising committee have taken the decision due to the ongoing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic and the associated restrictions affecting the planning and running of the event.

The 2020 ISDE was due to take place in late August/early September 2020 in Lombardy and Piedmont, Italy but will now take place from August 30 to September 4, 2021. 

The FIM statement released today, March 30, explaining the postponement sites the “many influencing factors that made it necessary to take a decision sooner rather than later.”

One major factor naturally is the numbers of people travelling to compete in the ISDE. The event attracts hundreds of competitors from over 30 countries, all of whom have to commit to travel and logistic plans in a climate of uncertainty and where travel and movement across borders is restricted at best. 

Italy remains a heavily affected nation and though the 2020 event organisers have already spent many months planning the ISDE, the current restrictions there have called a halt to their work. To pick up and continue preparation of the “many hundred of kilometres of course, all of which rely on the permission of the various local authorities and stakeholders” is naturally compromised. 

With this in mind the FIM, FMI and the local organising committee decided in the best interest of all parties, that postponing the event was the right and proper action. 


The 95th edition of the FIM International Six Days of Enduro will now take place from 30th August to 4th September 2021 with the 5th edition of the FIM Enduro Vintage Trophy from 2nd to 4th September, at the same location shared between Lombardy and Piedmont in Italy.

FIM President Jorge Viegas explained: “The FIM along with its stakeholders have had to take many difficult decisions over recent weeks as we adapt to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and the impact it is having on various countries around the World. Postponing the ISDE was not a decision that we have taken easily, as we know how important it is to riders from a large number of nations and to the various national federations too. However, thanks to the great co-operation of the FMI and the local organising committee we feel we have taken the correct step to be fair to all concerned and to ensure we can celebrate a great 95th edition of the ISDE in Italy in 2021. At this present time the FIM and the wider motorcycling family continue to offer their support to ensure that everyone affected by COVID19 remains safe and well during this tough period.” 

FMI President Giovanni Copioli expanded: “Due to the Covid-19 outbreak health emergency, we must take this difficult decision. Postponing the 2020 FIM ISDE to next year shows that we care about the riders’ health. We were always very pleased to have the opportunity to host 2020 FIM ISDE - the most prestigious Enduro event - in Italy, but at the moment this is the right decision. I am thankful to the FIM and its President, Mr. Jorge Viegas, for the support and to the organising committee for the hard work. We are already looking to the 2021 FIM ISDE in Italy: the event will be even more exciting!”

The FIM Enduro Commission Director, John Collins added: “We all appreciate how difficult and disappointing this decision has been for the organisers and Italian Federation and they have our complete understanding. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Italy and all our other colleagues and enthusiasts at this time. We are confident when this terrible pandemic is over Italy will produce an unforgettable edition of the ISDE in 2021.”

Speaking on behalf of the local organising committee Giorgio Bandoli, Valter Carbone and Edoardo Zucca issued a joint statement:Due to the serious situation that occurred on Italian territory and in the world, some time ago we had already started discussions with FIM and FMI to monitor the coronavirus pandemic as it was evolving. After the recent news, the shared decision of this postponement is absolutely necessary and must be done also in respect to victims of this tragedy.”

“It will be next year that, with the strength and energy that support us since the first days of this extraordinary project, we want to organise the 95th edition of ISDE, hoping that it will be able to contribute positively to the complete return of the meeting between people all over the world and offer a renewed energy to the tourism sector. We thank the FIM and FMI for the strong support provided in this very difficult moment.”


Photo Credit: Enduro21/Andrea Belluschi