GASGAS unveils its 2025 cross-country and motocross model ranges, featuring significant chassis updates for all and new two-strokes: the EX 250 and EX 300, plus the MC 150 and MC 300 motocross bikes.

Building on their existing ranges, and the continuous growth of the Austrian red bike line-up throughout the last years, GASGAS has introduced two new models to the cross-country and motocrossline-ups: EX 250 and EX 300 (cross-country) and the MC 150 and MC 300 (motocross).

As we saw happening with the KTM and Husqvarna line-ups recently, the GG models are designed to bridge the gap between their smaller and larger two-stroke bikes. Also like their sisters, these new two-strokes use the Keihin fuel injections which means that they run on premix.

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2025 GASGAS MC and EX Technical Highlights:

  • Revised Frame: Engineered for improved cornering while maintaining straight-line stability.
  • Material reductions around the upper shock mount and the front of the chassis save weight and enhance handling.
  • New engine mounts: Featuring cut-outs that refine the frame’s flex characteristics for better overall performance.
  • New SKF linkage seals and smaller bolt: lead to smoother shock performance and reduce weight.
  • Improved intake snorkel to prevent flex and maintain maximum airflow for consistent power delivery.
  • Updated swingarm to improve the durability of the chain slider.
  • New fuel tank support toprevents frame wear.
  • Improved rear brake pedal and caliper
  • Wheels and tyres: 18” rear wheel with a Dunlop AT81 tire for maximum traction and a Dunlop MX33 front tire for precise cornering.
  • Map Select Switch and Connectivity Unit Offroad: Available as accessories for personalized performance settings.


Improved Chassis, Engine Mounts, and Air Intake

The 2025 GASGAS cross-country models feature a revised frame with reduced material around the upper shock mount and a thinner front section. These, together with the new motor mounts with cut-outs, offer more chassis flex to improve handling, especially in corners, which some customers struggled with on the MY24 bikes.

GASGAS has also worked on feeding more air to their bikes with a stronger air intake sleeve that prevents deformation to ensure maximum airflow for consistent power.

Suspension and Swingarm Updates


To complement the new chassis, the suspension settings have been reworked together with lower friction SKF seals to help the WP rear shock perform better. A smaller linkage bolt reduces weight while also helping with the refined flex characteristics from the updated chassis. Additionally, the swingarm has been updated to enhance the durability of the chain slider.


The 2025 GASGAS cross-country models will be available from July 2024.


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