First look at AXP Racing’s new Xtrem Radiator Guard, a protective cage with a tough replacement front shroud designed for extreme and hard enduro.  

“It was time for us to upgrade our radiator guards by creating a specific model dedicated to hard enduro.” So says Xavier Dugardin from AXP Racing. Months of testing in Europe and North America later and the new design is now available to protect radiators against front and side impacts.

AXP Racing was created 21 years ago (we like that number here at Enduro21…) with its first aftermarket radiator guards developed for motocross and enduro bikes. Since then the French company has developed into a global brand and introduced a wide range of products for enduro.

This new ‘Xtrem Radiator Guard’ design uses four-millimetre-thick aluminium for the main frame which fits using three mounting points, two on the front and one behind. AXP say the concept is to create a real “cage” around the radiators.

The additional new element here is replacing the OEM plastic shrouds or louvers with a stronger, six-millimetre High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) part to protect and strengthen the front of the radiators.

AXP say this addition will reinforce the overall rigidity of the guards, limit the chance of deformation of the shroud. That means greater strength against impacts and damage from the front plus an overall strengthening of the complete guard against side impacts or dropping of the bike.

This front shroud is easy to remove for a fast cleaning. AXP tell us it takes 30 seconds to remove both sides and it has been tested for months in all conditions with no issues concerning air flow.

The new guards are already available for the 2020-2022 Beta enduro models, the Sherco SE250R / SE300R models will be in stock by the end of January 2022 and then AXP will progress to other manufacturers asap.

Watch Xavier explain the new radiator guards:



Cost: €124.17 (around £100/$140)