HEBO has launched the HMX-F01 Jail, a new double-composite helmet for off-road which they say “makes it one of the safest and most complete on the market”.

Trial and enduro clothing specialist HEBO has presented their new HMX-F01 Jail helmet, a 1200g helmet designed to be light and strong they say with an unbreakable visor they say. Construction of the outer shell is 95% fiberglass and 5% carbon fibre, with polystyrene used in the interior.

The unbreakable visor is made from PA66 plastic to be light and safe with an EEC 22-05 approval.

Its 100% polyester lining is removable and washable as well as having a quick-drying and anti-odour treatment. 3D cheek pads make it a “very comfortable to wear” helmet which is ventilated via air intake channels in the nose and upper part of the helmet.

The HMX-F01 Jail is available in two versions, a white, black, grey and pink combo plus another with a more classic black and white colour scheme:

Cost: €273.96, placing it in the mid-range price bracket.

More information: www.hebo.com