The Hard Enduro Series Germany (HESG) has been doing battle with Covid restrictions for well over a year now but an eight-round, 2021 championship season is still planned with a new round one date set in mid-June.

The current pandemic situation continues to have an effect on Enduro across Europe and Germany, just like its neighbour Austria where we had the Erzbergrodeo news this week, is no exception.

A last-minute change to the opening race in Hamma – previously set for May 29 – means it now moves to the other end of the calendar, round seven on November 20. The change means the calendar retains its shape, avoids clashes with the Hard Enduro World Championship final round at Getzenrodeo (October 29-30) and continues to plan an eight-round series.

New HESG 2021 dates:

  1. June 19 Ride day/Media day Hamma
  2. June 26 Heaven or Hell Extremenduro Crimmitschau
  3. July 17 Hardenduro im Hexenkessel Reisersberg
  4. September 4 Tenneco Extreme Enduro Neuhaus-Schierschnitz
  5. September 12 Melz Exdrähm Meltewitz
  6. October 2 Reetzer Hardenduro Reetz
  7. November 20 Weinberg Enduro Hamma
  8. TBA - Isegrim Enduro Schwepnitz

“Together with MSC Hamma, we have examined all possibilities, and it was also important for us to find an acceptable date despite the difficult situation. For us, this date is now 20.11.2021, but this means that there will be no clashes of dates and we can expect a real Hardenduro on the difficult track.” Says series director, Denis Günther.

Ride day moves into the calendar

In order to shorten the waiting time until the first possible races, there will be a riding day (training) as in 2020. The HESG organisation is confident that the Covid cases will continue to decrease until June and that training will be possible. The Ride day will take place on June 19 as last year on the track in Hamma.

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Photo Credit: TK420 | Toni Keller